My work

Over the past eight years, I have worked with and within several museums and galleries across northern New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and NYC. Some of my professional experiences include:

  • Registration duties for a professional painting conservation studio
  • Maintenance of professional standards in the preservation of and access to museum’s permanent collections
  • Grant writing for significant institutional projects
  • Transportation and installation of fine art for private clients
  • Development of original research and content for museum exhibitions
  • Installation of museum exhibitions

My skills and academic training include: art historical and historical research, registration duties, project management, content/deliverable development, fine art object care, museum collections management, and creative projects using the Adobe Creative Suite.

I have utilized the following archival and collections management systems: Mimsy XG, PastPerfect, FileMaker Pro Advanced, Archivist’s Toolkit, and ArchivesSpace.

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